American Noise Volume 1, the companion vinyl to the film, is the first of a series. Each vinyl release will include artists featured in the film. Early works by seminal artists Killdozer, Tar Babies and Die Kreuzen are included on the first compilation along with Vig’s first band, Spooner and a variety of Midwest indies whose sound became synonymous with Smart.

American Noise Vol. 1 (Side A):

01 Appliances: “Bob Hope”
02 Killdozer: “Ed Gein”
03 Tar Babies: “Wasted Words”
04 Die Kreuzen: “Holes”
05 Cattleprod: “Don’t Mind Walking”
06 Poop Shovel: “One Pass Away”
07 Rectal Drip: “Naïve Folk Singer”


American Noise Vol. 1 (Side B):

01 Ivory Library: “Through You”
02 Fun With Atoms: “Last Cigarette”
03 Other Kids: “Madtown”
04 Spooner: “Borderline”
05 The Weeds Easy: “On The Eye”
06 Singing Irishman: “Thanks a Million”